Your Dream Team Begins With How Well You Hire

One selling superstar potentially has two to four times the economic impact of the average sales person.

Think about it. Two to four average sales people costs the same as one selling superstar. Where do you find and how do you identify a top performers? What does a superstar look like? How can you predict the performance level of a candidate before you hire them?

All great questions. The first thing that I want to encourage you to do is eliminate the traditional hiring practice. That is, hiring with a resume, an interview and a gut feeling. This process has a 14% predictability rate based on our five-year research study. In other words, this process is wrong 86% of the time. That candidate will either be an average performer or worse, or they will quit within one year of their start date.

Predictive Analytics

Experience as found on a resume is a poor predictor of success. Just because someone has sold fine jewelry for twenty-five years is not a predictor that they are a selling superstar. The candidate may have been an average performer or less for twenty-five years. If you ask a top sales person who taught them how to sell, there answer will typically be "no one." The point is that the candidate that gets overlooked because they have little or no experience may actually be a top performer. The only thing that experience means is  they know the vernacular and possess product knowledge.

An interview is also not always a great predictor of success. A person that is a high "I" on the DISC Behavioral Profile has developed the ability to persuade and charm you into thinking that they are wonderful and you cannot live without them. They have been doing it since they were small children wrapping mom and dad around their little finger.

On the other hand a high "D" may be a bit off putting because of their fast pace and directness, especially if the interviewer is a high "S" who wants to slow the pace of the interview down so that they can process the information shared by the candidate.

It's Like A Date Matching Site

The Dream Team hiring process that we teach clients is a three step process: Behavioral Assessment, Resume Review, Interview.

The results of the candidate's behavioral assessment is compared to a pre-established benchmark to determine how closely their behavioral dimensions match. Think of it as a date matching site. Instead of matching people, the process matches the job with the candidate whose behaviors most closely match those that the job calls for to be successful.

Exsellerate has benchmarked the behavioral dimensions of the top one percent of fine jewelry sales people across North America. We found that every selling superstar possessed the exact same behavioral dimensions. Based on the five-year research study referenced above, the predictability rate using this benchmark is an extremely accurate 93%.

Building your dream team is easier than ever using today's science and technology. There is never a good reason to make an important hire decision based on a gut feeling a faulty analytics.



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