Stop Hiring Employees

Patterns. When you do something long enough you begin to see patterns emerge. I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but over my sixty-six years on this planet I have studied "people patterns." Specifically, the patterns in top performers in many worlds whether music (yes, I was a music major in college), business, non-profit, and all of the other worlds through which I have traveled in life.

Let's focus on the business world. I have spent forty-five years managing retail sales people and managers. Thousands of them. So what is it that makes one person in a store perform at a higher level than all of the others? They all have access to the same products to sell and the same advertising to bring people into the store.

Here is the answer. It's simple, but it will require you to see your people in a different light than the traditional retail sales person's role.

Every, I mean every top retail sales performer never views themselves as an employee. They see themselves as a one-person small business entrepreneur who simply use the store as their base of operations.

Think back to every amazing sales person you have ever known. I guarantee that they viewed themselves as entrepreneurs who were in control of their own success. No one had to ask them to reach out to clients. Their closure rates were higher. They had very few if any customer complaints because their clients became their friends. They most likely were passionate and had fun doing their job.

One day I was standing in front of a group training them and all of the sudden it hit me. That A-HA moment. Why was I working so hard to get people who are "fours" to perform like a "sixs," when I should be able to hire a "nine or ten" to begin with?

Those nines and tens are never employees. They are always entrepreneurs. How does one identify an entrepreneur? That's the challenge!

To find out, I became a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst with a top assessment company. Then, I assessed the top performing one percent of jewelry sales people across the country including hundreds of  local independents, regional and national chains and online retailers such as BlueNile.

A Pattern Emerges.

Every top sales person possessed the same behavioral dimensions. They pretty much all think and act alike. Based on the assessment results, I created a benchmark against which to compare employment candidates and current staff. To oversimplify the benchmark, it's almost like a diamond cert, but for people.

The results have been compiled into an easy to read white paper entitled, "Behaviors of Jewelry Superstars."

To build your dream team and break through the glass ceiling of slow or stagnant sales growth it is vital to stop looking for sales people or employees. It is critical to begin identifying entrepreneurs. Here is a daunting reality. One selling superstar has the revenue potential of two to four average sales people. Create your dream team with entrepreneurs and watch what happens to your business.

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