We Transform Employees Into Entrepreneurs.

Our Framework Consists of Three Elements


Three things limit the success of retailers: hiring based on a gut feeling, sales people who rely on walk-in traffic, a lack of sales building tools for the sales team.



The foundation of every championship team is built on talent. Today's top retail performers must be more than just sales people. We look for people who match the behaviors possessed by entrepreneurs. Self-starters, goal oriented, customer focused, driven, a sense of urgency and so on. Secondly, we look for people who match and will succeed in your unique store culture. Just because they could sell at Tiffany doesn't mean that they will succeed in your culture of selling. 

Our framework begins by assessing your existing staff and comparing them a benchgamrk that we craeted based on the behavioral dimensions of North America's top performers. We will teach you how to improve your hiring accuracy with our assessments. 


We believe that the moniker of employee is limiting. To compete in the new era of retail, we focus on transforming old school employees into entrepreneurs who take control of their own destiny. This concept might be scary for some owners, but it's a must if they want to compete.

In fact, our vision is that you have a bunch of independent sole proprietor business owners (formerly known as employees) who simply do business within the four walls of your store and follow your rules. You simply supply the merchandise, brand marketing and the place. The more successful they are at growing their business, the more successful and profitable you become.


If you are going to have entrepreneurs who grow their own businesses, it's important to supply them with the tools to do it. A special log-in on the Exsellerate website gives access to our Entrepreneur's Resource center. Here, entrepreneurs find email templates, texts, phone scripts, social media posts and tons of other business building tools. 

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