"We transform employees into sales creating entrepreneurs!"


Revolutionary Training

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Today, it's not enough to teach people to make sales. They must learn how to create them. The transformation begins with a fast paced three hour workshop to introduce new skills, culture and language. It redefines the job of retail sales consultant and manager.


Learning Continues All Day - Every Day

No one goes to a three hour piano seminar and BAM, they can play the Moonlight Sonata! Piano mastery happens best in short lessons that are practiced daily over time. The same is true with mastering any skill. The day after the ExsellRev Certification Workshop, members begin receiving daily training learning, challenges and skills practices that lead to superior performance

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Finding time for traditional training is a challenge for many companies. ExsellRev training fits right into the social media lifestyle of members with business building tools and techniques delivered right to their mobile device via Facebook, Facebook LIVE and other cools apps.


Focus on Three Entrepreneurial Activities

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To Get Started, Get Certified

The ExsellRev certification course is designed to inspire & empower retail fine jewelry consultants to grow their strengths, build their customer community and activate their selling Superpowers. The course can be completed as an in-store workshop or as an individual online course for new hires.

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