Scientifically Identify The Right Person For Any Job.

Stop Guessing. It's Costing You Money (and sanity)!


Why hire a "four," spend time and money to get them to perform like a "six"

when you can hire a "Ten" to begin with?


Did You Know:

  • One Selling Superstar Potentially Has Two to Four Times The Economic Impact of The Average Sales Person.
  • The cost of a wrong hire is 5X's the annual salary of the job.
  • Making a hire decision based on a resume, interview and gut feeling has  a 14% predictability rate. In other words, your wrong 86% of the time!

Our Assessment

Exsellerate founder and CEO is a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst. The assessment instrument used was created by TTI Success Insights, an innovator in behavioral assessments. The instrument is statistically valid, passes annual an Adverse Impact Study and meets EEOC requirements.

We measure four behavioral sciences:

DISC - This tells us how a person does things

Driving Forces - This tells us why they do what they do (motivators)

25 Personal Skills - This tells us if they possess the skills for teh job

Hartman Acuman Capacity - This tells us how they make judgements and how they will react in various life situation

Lacey Photo.jpg

Our Exclusive Retail Sales Benchmark

Just like Gabi Tolkowsky created ideal proportions for a round diamond, Exsellerate has established the ideal behavioral benchmark for a fine jewelry sales person based on research that assessed the top 1% of jewelry sales people across North America.

To find out about the benchmark, continue reading...


Our assessment predicts a candidate's level of performance with a proven 92% accuracy rate!


Predicatbility Rates


See How Your People Measure Up.

The Certification Workshop includes a Talent Assessment for each team member. You can also order Talent Survey's without the workshop to see how they compare to the benchmark.

See If A New Hire Candidate Will Be Awesome.

Use this Talent Survey before you hire another candidate.

REsults are immediate and easy to read

  • The candidate(s) complete an online survey right on their smartphone (or any device)
  • Results are immediate
  • Candidate's behaviors are compared to our exclusive success benchmark based on job role.
  • Color coding shows exact match, good match, fair match, poor match for easy decisions

Try a Free No Obligation Assessment on Us*

We call our assessments "TalentCerts" because they are like a diamond cert, but for people.

  • Give it to your best person
  • Give it to your weakest performer
  • Give it to a pre-hire candidate (we'll help you decide)
  • Take it yourself!

*One Per Company

Click the Free Assessment button, then check your email for a link to the behavioral survey.

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